“It’s Personal”

January 25 – 27 2019, Zurich

PreConference all day Friday, 25th January

Main Conference starts with Teacher Workshops and much more on Friday, January 25th late afternoon

Participants first

Learning2 is a conference by teachers – for teachers.  We are always looking to create conference we want to attend ourselves!

L2 Talks

The L2 Talks is our way of igniting that flame so that the sessions and workshops you attend can fuel them further.  Each L2 talk is short, passionate, and relevant. Check out what Learning2 Leaders have shared in years past by touring our playlist on Youtube available here.

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Re-Think Education

A conference experience
that makes you rethink education

Extended Sessions

Extend your learning in two extended sessions.  We go above and beyond to seek out cutting edge practitioners who are skillful presenters.  Our extended sessions aim to foster creativity whilst focusing on the practical guidance you can apply on your first day back from the conference.

Shared Learning

The conference where the narrative matters: come share your story of learning with us


The cohort concept will be facilitated by a cohort facilitator at the conference to establish those vital personal connections. The cohort facilitator will promote sharing and collaboration in the cohort so that cohort members can place what they have learned within the context of their positions.

It’s Personal

Learning means looking inward as well as expanding our capacities.  Of course, we take the art of learning personally!
We also know it is time to take a deep dive into ‘personalized learning,’ into navigating the needs of the whole child.
This year’s theme hopes to inspire participants with the personal touch we are known for.

What is the L2 Personal touch?

We spend the year planning your conference, months considering the needs of hard-working educators, and weeks ensuring each and every session is tailored to the diversity that is our participant base.  We encourage every attendee to activate their voice in cohorts, to access agency in the unconferences, and to address the matters that are relevant to them

Co-hosted by

Zurich International School (ZIS) and the International School of Zug and Luzern (ISZL)

Zurich International School (ZIS)
Upper School

Eichenweg 2,
8134 Adliswil

Started in 2007 by international school teachers in China, Learning2 is a global non-profit dedicated to creating and running professional learning opportunities run by international school teachers for international school teachers.

At Learning2, participants are expected to “be different,” “be social,” and “be a connector.”

ZIS / ISZL – Zurich

25.- 27 January 2019

NIS – Nanjing, China

27-29. October 2019


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