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PreConference sessions at Learning2 offer participants a chance to take an in-depth look at various topics, with a focus on hands-on and active learning that is difficult to do in shorter sessions.

These sessions are designed to be facilitated in active groups. The minimum number of participants required is approximately 8 and the maximum number will vary based on the precon presenter. If your selected preconference does not have the minimum number of participants then it will be cancelled and you will have the option of selecting another session or receiving a full refund.

Holly Fraser

Holly Fraser

ISZL Lower Primary Ed Tech Coach

Emerging Digital Literacies and Young Children

Can you to find the sharrow?  We teach abc’s, but do we teach ↧, ?, or ?? Young children build with wooden blocks, but can they build with coding blocks? This session will expand our definition of emerging literacies for young children and explore different methods of (digital) literacy instruction, along with hands-on exploration.

This session will provide guidance on how to ensure young children (and parents and teachers) don’t just see screens, iPads and robotics as noisy distractions, but as innovative creation and problem solving tools that support a variety of literacies and modes of expression.


Paul Forbes & Clement Cheah

Paul Forbes & Clement Cheah

Paul: International School of Schaffhausen, Head of IT & Educational Technology / Clement: Zurich International School, STEAM Coordinator

Digital making to transform personalised, student-directed engagement.

Hands-on Digital Making

Students are preparing themselves with 21st century skills, why should we not be also? Participants will get a chance to try various experiences such as digital making, coding, physical programming, and robotics. This session offers the participants th

at opportunity of gaining exposure to a wide range of tools distributed in worked exemplars  in a sandbox environment designed to allow participants to tinker, experiment, and create.


@cccc_9999 – Clement
Jeff Lippman

Jeff Lippman

American School of Paris; MS Director

Leading for Change: How to create sustainable innovation at your school

This session is meant for school leaders, aspiring leaders and subject/team leaders who are trying to create sustainable change at their schools.  The session will focus on the vital steps to overcome resistance and instill a culture that is open to self-critique and innovation

Clint Carlson

Clint Carlson

Istanbul International Community School | Education Technology Coordinator

Virtual Reality to Enable Powerful Creation Environments and Foster Digital Humanitarians

Virtual Reality in education is really, truly, finally here! This session will walk through a workflow available to anyone to ensure VR integration into education is about creation & agency rather than passive engagement.

Bring just your laptop and phone. Together we will explore how students can create 3D models to view and walk around them in VR. This hands-on session will include each participant’s 3D modeling an individual building of a class-sourced, collaborative city! Together we will walk down the streets we have built.

Finally, we’ll raise the sea level in our model to discover the impact of climate change on our city and discuss what other co-curricular opportunities there might be across nearly all grade levels and content areas.

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